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Automation and Control Systems

Tools for savvy building managers.
Improve guest comfort and reduce costs.

  • Automated building controls adjust temperature and lighting to match patterns of use.
  • Enjoy true energy savings of 20%-30%+ with full payback typically within 2 years.
  • Manage your building effortlessly from a computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • Zigbee wireless technology does away with messy wires.
  • Over 200 references recommend our award winning energy management system (BEMS)

Balancing Comfort and Efficiency

Whether it’s a hotel room, care home, school or office, when someone is paying to use a space, comfort and security are usually their top priority. If you manage the building, and the price of providing this comfort keeps rising, its natural to try and find a way to control these escalating costs without affecting service.

There’s lots you can do to make the building fabric more efficient, but ideally you want your guests to use energy efficiently, keep temperatures reasonable, not waste water, and turn off appliances when they’re not needed. Unfortunately, when the bills are included in the rental price, the incentives aren’t always in place to make sure this happens.

How can an Energy Management System (BEMS) Help?

A smart energy management system will ensure your guests can enjoy the benefits of the heating/lighting system you have invested in, without you having pay a fortune if they use it inefficiently.

Our automated solution triggers adjustments in temperature and lighting to reflect occupancy, weather and room use (if someone leaves the windows open with the heating at full blast). Remote control, from a smart phone or computer, makes remote building management effortless, while intuitive management software means you won’t need an engineer to manage it. A seamless solution to reduce your energy bill by more than 20%.

What’s New About it Then?

The last decade has witnessed the evolution of three separate yet intertwined technologies that are now seamlessly marrying together to produce revolutionary and very exciting energy management solutions.
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The Echome Service

At echome we firmly believe in prioritising building improvements to ensure the changes implemented first are the ones likely to give you the greatest returns. If the property will benefit most from improving insulation or installing renewables our independent consulting engineers will be able to highlight which measures you should really be thinking about before you make any commitments.

Our ultimate goal is to improve energy efficiency with guest experience, so the whole business benefits from improved productivity and streamlined operations. The fact that all the measures we recommend pay for themselves in such a small space of time is just the icing on the cake, but it certainly makes for sound business strategy.

If you’d like to know more about how an energy management system can help cut costs,
call us today on 0203 327 1078 and we’ll gladly talk you through the possibilities.

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